PropOne™ Underwater Light Coating (ULC) 70mL

$61.14 AUD

One Pack, One Coat!

All You Need to Keep Your Underwater Lights Clean

  • Transparent coating specifically designed for your underwater lights
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Simple application - One coat and ready to go!

PropOne™ ULC is a one pack, one coat, optically clear Foul Release Coating designed for application to glass and polyamide underwater light lenses. It can also be coated onto surrounding brass and plastic/composite light fitting surrounds.

The ULC is a non-biocidal, low surface energy coating which prevents organisms strongly adhering to the light lens. Any growth can be easily dislodged by cleaning with a soft sponge or wiping with a gloved hand.

As with all foul release coatings, when not in use, the surface will slowly become colonised by encrusting organisms. The removal of the fouling organisms is purely a mechanical effect.

The ULC does not prevent marine growth by chemically poisoning the environment

Coverage and application guides

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