PropOne Kit - 3 Sizes Available

$147.34 AUD

The No.1 solution to free your propellers and running gear from fouling without harming the environment.

- SAVE TIME AND MONEY dramatically reduce fouling on your running gear.
- PERFORMANCE Increased speed and lower fuel consumption, compared to a craft with fouled surfaces.
- DURABLE Keeps working for 1-2 years in-water!
- SUPER SLICK Non-stick coating that marine life struggles to adhere to.
- TECHNOLOGY Latest generation non-biocide foul release coating.

Choice of 3 sizes of kits!

Dealer/Boatyard/Export Pricing available - Contact Us!

The 250mL PropOne Kit comes with:

The 500mL PropOne Kit comes with:

The 1L PropOne Kit comes with:

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