JustTeak Teak Sealer - Teak Oil. Choice of 2 Shades

$46.00 AUD

Quickly Beautify & Protect Your Teak. 

  • Modern Long Lasting Teak Oil

  • Marine Grade Quality Products

  • Choice of Natural (Most Popular) or Clear Tone Shades of Sealer

  • Remarkable Results But Gentle On Your Teak

  • Great For Teak Furniture or Decking

For best results use our JustTeak Cleaner and Brightener Kit before application on weathered teak!


Choice of Natural (most popular) or ClearTone shade of sealer

Ensures a beautiful, natural finish that protects your teak from sun, rain and stains. You will also prolong your teak from turning grey, and when it is time to re-apply, Teak Sealer can be easily removed with JustTeak Teak Cleaner and Teak Brightener.

JustTeak is a marine-grade teak cleaning system that quickly and easily rejuvenates your teak. It will clean, brighten and once sealed protect your teak decking and outdoor teak furniture.


    JustTeak Sealer 1L  Est. Coverage = 60 Square Feet/5.5 Square Metres (2 Coats)
    JustTeak Sealer 4L Est. Coverage = 240 Square Feet/22 Square Metres (2 coats)

    Benefits of JustTeak:


    Premium marine-grade performance that will renew your teak quickly and safely.


    Guards your teak from weather for a longer life.

    Gentle on your teak

    Formulated to not damage your teak.

    Application of the JustTeak Teak Sealer

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