125mL Crystilium Clear Coat

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Avoid repaint.. Renovate and protect with Crystilium

Crystilium Clear Coat is a highly transparent, glossy, tough coating that gives brilliant, easy to clean, stain-free surfaces for 2+ years. 

It has been developed to ensure increased surface aesthetics due to its long-lasting gloss and excellent protection against stains and scuffs on marine paints and gel-coat.

Crystilium can be applied quickly in or out of the water with a low environmental impact compared to a repaint and it can be removed using our Clear Coat Dissolver.

  • Easy to clean, stain-free surfaces for 2+ years
  • Latest generation protective clear coating
  • Restores weathered surfaces and colours to a bright, high gloss appearance
  • Clear Coat can be safely removed using Clear Coat Dissolver.
  • Use on marine topside painted surfaces, polyurethanes, gel-coat, acrylics, marine metals and more.
  • Can be applied quickly in or out of the water with low environmental impact.



For further information see: https://www.greencorpmarine.com/crystilium/

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