PropOne Removers - Silicone Remover and Paint Stripper - 2 products for easy removal

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Need to remove an old PropOne coating to make way for a fresh, new application?

Use PropOne Paint Stripper and Silicone Remover to thoroughly remove old coatings on your propellers and running gear.... Read More

  • Easy application - Brush on and it will do the rest!
  • Reduce dust and noise - Easy removal
  • Deep penetration performance allows multiple layers to be stripped
  • Marine Grade: DCM & NMP free*

PropOne Silicone Remover is designed to remove PropOne Clear Coat. It can also be used as a general purpose silicone remover, to remove thin coatings.

PropOne Paint Stripper will remove paints, varnishes and lacquers. It is  primarily to be used with PropOne Silicone Remover for removal of the PropOne™: Foul Release Coating primer coat.

Do not use on plastic surfaces or on resin impregnated wood fibreboard materials.

For plastics and other delicate surfaces test a small area first to ensure Silicone Remover & Paint Stripper do not affect the underlying substrate.

*Does not contain toxic Dichloromethane and N-Methylpyrrolldone

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