Crystilium Premium Boat Wash - 2 Sizes available

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Give Your Boat the Premium Crystilium Treatment!

Available in 1 Litre & 5 Litres

The Crystilium Premium Surface Protection Boat Wash is a pH-neutral boat wash that thoroughly cleans and is gentle on your boat.

  • Wax-friendly, does not strip previous applied wax layers;
  • High foaming formula that lifts debris and lubricates while you clean, minimising swirl marks;
  • Removes stubborn stains quickly without hard scrubbing;
  • Free rinsing, decreasing drying time;
  • Does not contain alkalis, acids, or abrasives;
  • High strength concentrate 1:150 dilution;
  • MARPOL compliant.

Use Hull and Waterline Cleaner for a heavy duty clean to remove staining such as yellowing, rust, scum and general hard-to-remove staining.

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